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How to Shrink Large Pores on the Face

How to Shrink Large Pores on the Face How to Shrink Large Pores on the Face How to Shrink Large Pores on the Face


Large pores occur when the pores become clogged, causing the skin to stretch. When pores are full of oil and bacteria, they start to sag. This creates a larger pore appearance, according to Dr. Audrey Kunin in her article on Genetics may also play a role in this problem. Reducing oils on the skin's surface and preventing pore plugging can minimize the appearance of large pores.

Step 1

Apply medications that contain the active ingredient azelaic acid to large pores. This medication is available through prescription and over-the-counter. Azelaic acid works to get rid of skin bacteria that clog pores and make them appear larger, according to Apply as directed by your doctor.

Step 2

Request a prescription for products that contain vitamin A. These medications work to minimize pores. Vitamin A prescription creams prevent cells from sticking together and loosen debris in the pores.

Step 3

Use hydroxy acids to shrink large pores. This ingredient is a type of fruit acid, such as glycolic, lactic and citric. The acid loosens up excess oil and bacteria in the pores to improve the appearance of skin.

Step 4

Apply salicylic acid to the skin, which is also known as beta hydroxy acid. This substance is derived from wintergreen leaves and birch bark and is used to exfoliate the skin and unplug large pores. Salicylic acid is available in prescription and over-the-counter strength.

Step 5

Use a gentle cleanser to wash large pores daily. Choose cleaners that are designed for getting rid of acne or blackheads. These cleansers will loosen up oil and bacteria in clogged pores and shrink pore appearance. Avoid over washing the skin, which can make the problem worse. Wash the face twice daily.

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