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How to Shrink an Enlarged Pore

How to Shrink an Enlarged Pore


It is the aim and priority of many products currently available on the market to provide a one-step, simple and easy method to shrink an enlarged pore. While there is no common cure for the enlarged pore, you can take steps to reduce and, perhaps, eliminate its visibility. This is accomplished by attacking the problem through the prevention, control and curative processes.

Step 1

Clean out your pores with an oil-free antibacterial skin exfoliating cleanser. It is important to clean out whatever dead skin cells may be filling this enlarged pore, as they are preventing it from decreasing its visible size. Scrubbing with a wash cloth can help improve dead skin removal and accomplish this task with ease.

Step 2

Kill any bacteria active on the skin's surface by applying an oil-free antibacterial astringent on the skin with a cotton ball two to three times daily. Bacteria can infiltrate any recently cleansed pores and cause them to become infected. This could cause a pimple to form, potentially increasing the visible size of the pore. Many cleansing agents on the market can be found to contain antibacterial agents and solve this microscopic problem quickly.

Step 3

Reduce the presence of excess oil on the surface of the pore by applying an oil-free acne spot treatment cream directly on the enlarged pore two to three times daily. This decreases the chance for any excess sebum to infiltrate and clog the pore, potentially making it larger. Excess oil on the surface of the skin can also facilitate pimple-causing bacteria.

Step 4

Reduce damage from the sun by using sunscreen. Damage from the sun's rays can increase the visible presence of an enlarged pore. Increased sun exposure facilitates dead skin cells to be created and causes more damage to your skin over time. This could cause problems with increase visibility of pore sizes later in your life.

Step 5

Increase collagen production by taking more Vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a significant role in the production of collagen in the body. It promotes healing and helps repair damages done to the skin. It allows the body to persist in maintaining a higher level of skin rejuvenation through increased levels of collagen. Creams are also available that can increase and induce the production of collagen.

Step 6

Stay hydrated. The majority of the human body is composed of water. By keeping an adequate level of hydration, you can better equip your body with a look of overall health. Provide your skin cells with water to keep them rejuvenated and healthy.

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