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How to Remove Unwanted Acne

How to Remove Unwanted Acne How to Remove Unwanted Acne


Acne is a common skin condition that affects roughly 40 to 50 million Americans every year and while it is typically associated with teenagers, anyone can suffer an outbreak. Aside from the frustration and embarrassment associated with acne, what people often find most frustrating is the contradictory or downright crazy advice they are given for removing acne. Sadly, there are perhaps as many myths about how to treat acne as there are about what the causes of acne are in the first place. Although acne is not usually a serious condition, it can result in scarring if treated improperly. When pimples form it is because of four factors: clogged pores, excess oil as the oil is called sebum and is a natural oil secreted by the body to keep the skin from drying out and not as many suggest, specifically related to greasy food or dirty skin bacteria and inflammation. Below we'll debunk some of those myths and give you some tips about the best way to remove unwanted acne.

Step 1

Wash the surrounding area if a pimple does pop as the skin is a sensitive organ and needs to be treated gently.

Step 2

Avoid popping a zit as is the absolute worst way of treating acne as it can lead to lesions and blotchy skin. Pushing, rubbing or popping a pimple can spread bacteria and the underlying infection to the surrounding skin and increases the spread of acne.

Step 3

Be sure to use mild cleansers; remember that facial cleansers are different than most body soaps because the active agents (surfactants) are easier on your skin.

Step 4

Beware of heavily moisturized soaps as they often contain harsher cleansers and compensate by adding heavy moisturizers. Very gently but thoroughly wash the affected and surrounding areas of the skin twice per day and after exercising.

Step 5

Remember hair produces oils and these can contribute to the spread of acne. Therefore it is important to shampoo hair regularly.

Step 6

Avoid quick fix and overnight acne treatments as they are considered to be myths. Removing acne is difficult however time is needed in order for the skin to heal.

Step 7

Keep in mind that acne can take anywhere from two to eight weeks to clear up and being consistent is important.

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How to Remove Unwanted Acne
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