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How to Remove Skin Freckles and Dark Spots

How to Remove Skin Freckles and Dark Spots How to Remove Skin Freckles and Dark Spots


Individuals are not born with freckles, states dermatologist Lawrence E. Gibson, M.D. Freckles appear over time because of sun exposure. Similarly, age spots appear on the skin because of sun exposure. Freckles and dark spots on the skin can be removed with fading creams, laser treatments and home remedies. Home remedies and both over-the-counter and prescription fading creams are the least expensive treatments, although they may not produce the drastic results that laser surgery can.

Step 1

Try lemon as a home remedy to lighten dark marks on your skin. Jerome Z. Litt, M.D. suggests applying fresh lemon juice onto a cotton ball and dabbing it on the age spots twice a day to fade them.

Step 2

Use over-the-counter creams to help fade marks on your skin. Over-the-counter creams contain bleaching agents that, when applied regularly, fade freckles and other spots.

Step 3

Apply a hydroquinone bleaching cream to the freckles, moles or age spots. Hydroquinone is a prescription bleaching cream recommended by the Mayo Clinic to fade dark marks on the face. To get a hydroquinone prescription, consult a dermatologist, who will determine whether it is right for you.

Step 4

Get liquid nitrogen treatment on the pigmented areas. A dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon can place liquid nitrogen over the afflicted area, freezing the pigment on the skin. The Mayo Clinic states that liquid nitrogen can be effective in lightening skin, but it can also cause scarring.

Step 5

Get laser treatment for freckles, moles, age spots and other dark spots on the skin. Laser treatments may require a sequence of treatments, particularly for large areas or very dark spots. Your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon will determine how many treatments you will need.

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