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How to Remove Black Heads

How to Remove Black Heads How to Remove Black Heads How to Remove Black Heads


Blackheads are small black bumps on the skin, most often appearing on the nose. A type of acne, blackheads form in pores clogged with hardened sebum, the skin's oil. The sebum can mix with various bodily waste compounds that are expelled through the skin, forming a pus-like substance. When the tip of the clog is exposed to the air, it often turns black. Blackheads are not a health concern, but many people prefer to remove them simply for appearance's sake.

Step 1

Clean your face thoroughly with a facial cleanser. Opt for a salicylic acid cleanser, which exfoliates the skin, helps prevent clogged pores and begins to break down the blackheads, according to Another option is a facial cleanser with benzoyl peroxide, which also exfoliates. Use your fingers to gently rub the cleanser in.

Step 2

Rinse off the facial cleanser with warm to hot water, as this will help expand your pores. Pat your face dry with a clean towel.

Step 3

Use a facial steamer if one is available. While not necessary, this will further help open the clogged pores and facilitate blackhead removal.

Step 4

Use a blackhead remover (a metal rod with a hole in its tip) to gently pull the blackheads out. Place the hole over a blackhead, squeeze with light pressure and pull it out slowly.

Step 5

Use a pore cleansing strip if you don't have a blackhead remover. These are strips of paper with an adhesive that are placed over the skin where blackheads need to be removed. The blackheads stick to the adhesive and come out when the strip is gently peeled off.

Step 6

Clean your face with an antibacterial cleanser. This will prevent infection in the pores from which blackheads were removed.

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