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How to Remove Acne With GIMP

How to Remove Acne With GIMP


GIMP is a free image and photo editing program available for computers that run Windows. GIMP is an "open-source" alternative to Adobe Photoshop; it contains many of the same basic features of Photoshop for no cost. Photo editing programs allow you to improve the appearance of people in digital photographs by changing colors, sharpening faces and removing blemishes or other flaws. You can use GIMP to remove acne from a person's face in a photo.

Step 1

Open your digital photo in GIMP by pressing CTRL+O, selecting Open in the File Menu and locating the photo file. Right-click in the photo and select View --> New View. This will give you a second window of the file that you can zoom into while leaving the other file zoomed out, so you can see the results of your work without zooming in and out of the same file.

Step 2

Zoom in on the area you want to retouch in one of the window views. You should be zoomed in close enough to clearly see the outline of the blemish you want to remove. Select the Clone tool in the sidebar, and hold down the Ctrl key while clicking an area near the blemish that contains an unblemished skin tone. Adjust the brush size if necessary.

Step 3

Make small, sweeping strokes in the blemish area to replace the skin tone with the tones from the unblemished area. Preview your work in the zoomed-out view window. If it doesn't look right, undo your actions and try selecting a different area on the skin or adjusting the opacity in Tool Options. A lower opacity setting can make retouching look more natural.

Step 4

Click "Save As" under the File menu and save your retouched photo under a new file name. This preserves the old version of the photo, so you can return to it later if you decide you don't like the changes you made.

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