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How to Remove Acne Quickly

How to Remove Acne Quickly How to Remove Acne Quickly How to Remove Acne Quickly


When acne occurs, it's stressful. Most people need to heal acne lesions quickly and prevent new breakouts from forming. Acne treatments work by reducing inflammation, minimizing bacteria and expediting the skin's cell turnover. Your dermatologist may recommend special office procedures that will improve the appearance of acne quickly and discuss a long-term acne management plan.

Step 1

Use a drainage treatment. Large acne cysts are painful and heal very slowly. Ask your dermatologist to perform drainage on the cyst. This will expedite the healing process and reduce the risk of scarring.

Step 2

Request corticosteroid injections. When acne gets very inflamed, the risk of rupture increases. Acne ruptures slow down the healing process and can leave embarrassing scars. A dermatologist will inject the acne lesions with a diluted form of corticosteroid. Inflammation and irritation will decrease, and the cyst will heal more quickly, usually within five days.

Step 3

Use glycolic acid to heal acne and reduce scarring. This substance unclogs pores by removing dead skin cells, according to the Mayo Clinic. Glycolic acid is a natural substance that occurs in sugar cane. You can find it at most natural food stores.

Step 4

Wash your face daily with a medicated cleanser. Choose cleaners that contain the ingredients resorcinol, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. These ingredients reduce inflammation and expedite the healing process for acne. Contact your dermatologist if skin irritation or excessive dryness occurs. She may recommend decreasing the frequency of use.

Step 5

Request laser and light therapy. This therapy targets the deepest layers of the skin, which helps acne heal more quickly. The treatment damages sebaceous glands, slowing down oil production in the skin. Laser and light therapy may also improve the skin's texture and minimize scarring, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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