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How to Remove Acne Holes

How to Remove Acne Holes How to Remove Acne Holes


Cystic acne often causes acne scars that have a hole-like appearance. A dermatologist can minimize the appearance of these acne hole scars with a variety of treatment options. It's also important to treat acne breakouts to prevent future scarring. Cystic acne doesn't usually respond to over-the-counter treatments, and requires aggressive oral medications to keep it under control.

Step 1

Find a dermatologist. The most effective treatments for getting rid of acne holes are available through a licensed dermatologist. Find a reputable doctor through the American Academy of Dermatology (see Resources).

Step 2

Remove existing acne. A doctor can't treat acne holes until current outbreaks are under control. Acne holes are usually caused by severe acne. Moderate to severe acne typically responds best to oral antibiotics or the medication isotretinoin. Talk with your doctor about which treatment is best for resolving your acne.

Step 3

Request an acne scar filler treatment. A doctor will inject a synthetic or fat substance into the acne scar for a smoother and less noticeable appearance. Treatments aren't usually permanent, so you will need to repeat filler treatments occasionally to maintain results.

Step 4

Use cytotoxic injections. A dermatologist will inject a medication, usually bleomycin or fluorouracil, into the acne scar. She may also inject a steroid to maximize the treatment's results. The appearance of acne holes is usually improved after three to five sessions.

Step 5

Remove an acne hole with subcision treatments. During this treatment, the scar will be cut away by a dermatologist, allowing blot to clot under the skin. As the blood clots, new tissue will form and reduce the appearance of the scaring. A doctor may need to perform this treatment up to three times before getting the best results.

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