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How to Remove a Blackhead Properly

How to Remove a Blackhead Properly How to Remove a Blackhead Properly How to Remove a Blackhead Properly


Blackheads result from partially blocked pores usually present in mild to moderate acne. Although their characteristic dark color may lead you to believe the pore contains dirt, reports that blackheads are "black" due to a chemical reaction that occurs between your skin and oxygen in the air. Because blackheads reside beneath the surface of your skin, cleansing will not remove them. Improper removal techniques can cause problems such as swelling and infections. To remove a blackhead properly, use good hygiene and follow established procedures.

Step 1

Cleanse your skin using your fingers, rather than a washcloth. recommends using a cleanser containing an exfoliating ingredient, such as benzoyl peroxide, to not only remove dirt and oil, but also to help remove dead skin cells as you wash. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.

Step 2

Open your pores. Normally, oily skin and heat do not mix, but proper and easier blackhead removal requires opening your skin pores. A few minutes of steam coming from shower water or applying a cloth soaked in very warm water will work.

Step 3

Use blackhead strips. recommends using blackhead strips on your nose area. These strips look like small pieces of tape. After cleansing and opening your pores, place the strip over the blackhead area, wait approximately 10 minutes and pull.

An important consideration in using this method is that because blackhead strips work on the surface of your skin, the tape only removes the surface level of the blackhead, so results are only temporary.

Step 4

Extract blackheads from beneath the surface of your skin using a blackhead extractor. A blackhead extractor is a small metal tool with a hole at one end that removes blackheads by going into the skin pore and pulling it out.

After cleansing and opening your pores, place the hole over the blackhead and use gentle pressure until the blackhead loosens and comes out. An important consideration in using this method is that scars can develop if you use too much pressure. Apply an antibiotic ointment after extracting blackheads to prevent infection, advises

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