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How to Reduce the Size of Large Pores

How to Reduce the Size of Large Pores How to Reduce the Size of Large Pores


Your skin consists of millions of tiny pores that contain a hair follicle, oil gland and a layer of dead skin cells. When the skin creates excess oil and then mixes with the dead skin cells, enlarged pores can result, according to Dr. Neal Schultz on DermTV. This is because the oil gland enlarges in order to compensate for the need to push oil out onto the skin, which helps to keep the skin soft. While enlarged pores occur chiefly on the nose, some people may experience enlarged pores all over their face.

Step 1

Steam your face for five minutes or take a shower to open the pores on the skin. This will give you greater access to the dirt and oils inside.

Step 2

Massage a cleanser that contains small granular beads onto areas where you have large pores, according to Dr. Schultz. Massage the area for 10 to 15 seconds---longer can scratch or irritate the pores, causing more harm than good. Try to apply only to the areas where the pores are enlarged; areas with normal pore size do not require mild daily exfoliation. Rinse clean with warm water.

Step 3

Pat the face dry and apply a gel or cream that contains a chemical exfoliant, such as glycolic or salicylic acid, according to Dr. Schultz. These active ingredients contain materials that slough dead skin cells and oils out of the pores. After applying daily for several weeks, you should experience a noticeable difference in pore size.

Step 4

Apply a sunscreen containing a sun protection factor of 15 or higher. Because chemical exfoliants can make the skin more sun sensitive, regular sunscreen application can reduce the risk of burning. Sun damage, with time, can cause pores to thicken and dilate, according to Dr. Audrey Kunin, a dermatologist writing for DermaDoctor, a skin-care resource website. Sunscreen can prevent this pore-enlarging effect.

Step 5

Utilize makeup or skin-care products labeled ""oil-free" or "noncomedogenic," according to the website Mother Nature. This means the product does not contain oil that can clog the pores.

Step 6

Apply a skin primer prior to putting on makeup, especially foundation, according to DocShop. Skin primers contain ingredients that prevent foundation and other makeup products from soaking into the pores and enlarging them. The primer also ensures a smoother makeup application, which can reduce the visibility of enlarged pores while you treat them.

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