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How to Prevent Chest Acne

How to Prevent Chest Acne How to Prevent Chest Acne


Acne is a typical problem for teens and pre-teens, affecting about eight in 10, according to the Nemours Foundation. Many adults struggle with this skin condition as well. While the face is particularly prone to acne breakouts, they can appear most anywhere on the body, including the legs, back and chest. Chest acne prevention is not all that complicated, and can usually be accomplished with a home care routine. However, success does require consistent effort that can take weeks or months to show significant results.

Step 1

Wash your chest once in the morning and once at night with lukewarm water and a mild oil-free soap that does not contain alcohol. Lather your skin with your fingertips, rather than scrubbing it with an abrasive surface that may irritate skin, advises Repeat cleansing after heavy perspiration, but in general, avoid washing your chest more than twice a day to prevent irritating the skin.

Step 2

Wear loose shirts made from natural fabrics that permit ventilation so perspiration on your chest can evaporate and so clothing doesn't trap heat, dirt and bacteria on your skin. Avoid over-the-chest straps, such as those on backpacks, for similar reasons and to prevent friction on your chest, suggests

Step 3

Apply a topical acne cleanser to your chest about 10 to 15 minutes after washing and drying it, as advises. Rub the cleanser over your entire chest, not just over acne. Spread several applications of small amounts, rather than smear one large blob over the entire surface area of your chest. Always follow package directions. Opt for products made with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, recommends the Nemours Foundation.

Step 4

Use an oil-free sunscreen on your chest when outside without a shirt on. Choose products labeled "noncomedogenic" or "nonacnegenic," suggests the Nemours Foundation, as they are formulated not to contribute to acne breakouts. Also, use moisturizers and other topical skin care products labeled the same.

Step 5

Follow an oral antibiotic regimen as prescribed by your doctor or dermatologist, as these are particularly useful for acne that covers large surface areas of skin, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

Step 6

Leave pimples on your chest alone. Avoid picking at them or popping them, as this will only perpetuate breakouts and possibly lead to infections or cause scarring.

Step 7

Refrain from scratching, rubbing or otherwise touching your chest, as your fingers spread oil, dirt and bacteria.

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