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How to Open My Pores

How to Open My Pores How to Open My Pores How to Open My Pores


Opening your pores prior to cleansing can allow your cleanser to clean more effectively, reaching deep below the skin's surface to wash dirt and oil from the open pores. Luckily, it's easy and cheap to accomplish and may be the answer to your frequent breakouts or dry, patchy skin. With common ingredients from your home, you can create a steam bath for your skin, opening pores and allowing you to be more effective in your skin care regime. It can also be a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

Step 1

Fill a pot about 2/3 full of water. Drop in a few slices of lemon and two to three mint leaves to make the experience more refreshing, suggests Sara Wells from cooking site Place covered on high heat until the water begins to simmer. You can also try essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus for calming and sinus pressure, respectively.

Step 2

Remove the pot from the burner and set aside with the lid still on the pot. Set a time for five minutes, and place a towel over your head, with the ends loose on either side, with enough excess towel over your head to completely cover the pot.

Step 3

Pull the towel over your head so it is covering your head and the pot of water at the same time. Remove the cover from the pot of water and set aside. Steam should immediately flood the "tent" that you've made over your entire head. Stay under the tent for five minutes, when the timer will sound.

Step 4

Remove the towel from your head and pour the water into the sink. Immediately cleanse the skin with your favorite cleanser and cool water, and apply a moisturizer. It's important that you cleanse immediately, as the steam will have caused sweating, which can clog pores once again.

Step 5

Avoid opening your pores before a large event, notes Steaming your face to open your pores can cause redness, especially after a deep cleaning. Instead, do it once per week before bedtime for the best results.

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