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How to Make an Organic Emulsion for Skin Care

How to Make an Organic Emulsion for Skin Care How to Make an Organic Emulsion for Skin Care


If you have ever made a vinaigrette or home made mayonnaise you already know how to make an emulsion. An emulsion is a creamy mixture of oil and water with an emulsifier to keep droplets of one suspended in the other. In a vinaigrette, the emulsifier is mustard. In mayonnaise, the emulsifier is egg yolk. In natural creams and lotions, the emulsifier is often beeswax or lecithin. You can use organic oils and distilled water to make an organic emulsion, adding herbal essential oils for their fragrance and healing properties.

Step 1

Wash the pan, blender and other tools in hot soapy water, rinse thoroughly in hot water and allow them to air dry on clean towels. Cleanliness is very important to prevent contaminating your organic emulsion with bacteria, viruses or fungi.

Step 2

Measure oils and beeswax and combine in the stainless steel saucepan. Stir over low heat until the beeswax has melted and the oils are combined thoroughly. Allow the oils and beeswax to cool for 15 minutes so that you are working with warm, not hot oils. Combine the aloe vera, water and essential oil in a measuring cup.

Step 3

Pour the warm oil mixture in your blender, put the lid on and start blending. Through the opening in the top slowly pour the water and aloe vera mixture into the oils. Keep blending until the mixture has emulsified and is cool.

Step 4

Scrape the emulsion into the container you have ready and store in the refrigerator as there are no preservatives in this recipe. Use whenever you need a face cream, night cream or soothing hand lotion.

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