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How to Make an Emulsion for Skin Care

How to Make an Emulsion for Skin Care How to Make an Emulsion for Skin Care


You can make stable emulsions using an emulsifier, an ingredient that facilitates the combining of oil-based and water-based ingredients so they will not separate. Emulsifying wax, a synthetic product that keeps the tiny droplets of oil suspended in water, is the key to a quality skin care emulsion or lotion. Select a plant-based emulsifying agent free from petrochemical materials if you want a homemade skin care product that is as natural as possible.

Step 1

Add a few inches of water to the bottom of the double boiler and heat it on medium low. Place the emulsifying wax and oil in the top of the double boiler. Stir occasionally as you allow the wax to melt. Once melted, mix the wax and oil together thoroughly.

Step 2

Heat the distilled water to boiling. Measure exactly 1¼ cup into a 2-cup glass measure. Gradually stir the wax mixture into the heated water with a small wooden spoon. Mix the emulsion for about a minute until it is completely combined. At this temperature, the mixture will appear quite thin.

Step 3

Allow the emulsion to cool, stirring every 15 minutes. Once cool, pour the lotion into the desired container, using a funnel if you need to.

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