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How to Make Acne Medicine

How to Make Acne Medicine How to Make Acne Medicine How to Make Acne Medicine


Medicine is the art of healing or curing. You can make medicine at home to heal or cure your acne instead of using expensive, store-bought varieties that may contain harsh chemicals or prescriptions that contain hormones. Many homemade acne medications can be effective and less irritating than those that contain unnecessary chemicals. It is important to note that every person's skin is different. A home remedy or product that works for one person may not work for someone else. Keep experimenting to find what works for you or discuss acne solutions with a dermatologist. Allow anything you try a couple months to see if it works, unless it is severely irritating your skin. A common medicine for pimples you can make at home is an aspirin mask.

Step 1

Purchase aspirin, honey and Aloe Vera gel. The aspirin, which can commonly be found in dollar stores, needs to be uncoated so it can easily dissolve.

Step 2

Crush or grind about five to eight aspirin in a small bowl. Aspirin is an anti- inflammatory so it helps reduce swelling, size and redness of blemishes. The salicylic acid (which is an ingredient in many store-bought acne medications) contained in aspirin dries out pimples to help heal them. The texture of aspirin also helps exfoliate the skin to help prevent future breakouts.

Step 3

Add about a teaspoon of honey to the aspirin and stir with a toothpick or your fingers. The honey will help the aspirin dissolve and help make a paste so you can apply the mixture as a mask. Honey, like aspirin, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. It also has strong, natural anti-bacterial properties. This helps cleanse the face and pores.

Step 4

Spread the mask on your face. Leave on for about 15 or 20 minutes. Thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water, taking care not to get the mask in your eyes.

Step 5

Pat your face dry with a towel and apply a small amount of Aloe Vera gel onto your face to moisturize. Aloe Vera along with the honey will help keep the face hydrated despite the drying properties of the salicylic acid. Aloe Vera can help heal old and new acne scars and even your complexion.

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