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How to Look Beautiful & Get Rid of Black Circles

How to Look Beautiful & Get Rid of Black Circles How to Look Beautiful & Get Rid of Black Circles How to Look Beautiful & Get Rid of Black Circles


Dark circles under the eyes are probably one of the most visible facial flaws there is. They may be the result of allergies, heredity or lifestyle choices, like drinking, smoking or not enough sleep. They also happen with age as the skin under the eyes thins and your natural collagen is lost, making the small blood vessels under your eyes more visible. Whether your circles are a result of age or of heredity, there is no way to escape them fully, but you might be able to reduce their appearance.

Step 1

Place two tea bags in a 6 oz. glass of cold water, and set them aside for five minutes. Squeeze out any excess liquid, and apply the cool tea bags under your eyes. The cold and the natural tannins in the tea will decrease swelling and puffiness.

Step 2

Sleep on two pillows. Sleeping with your face elevated prevents fluid from pooling below the thin skin of your lower eyelids, thereby decreasing puffiness.

Step 3

Mix warm water and sea salt to create a saline solution. Standing over a sink, hold your head to the side, and pour the saline solution up one nostril. The water will rain out the other, rinsing your sinuses in the process. The easiest way to do this is by using a Neti pot. The saline solution goes into the Neti pot, and the pot has a spout that fits snugly in one nostril for easy pouring. Nasal congestion darkens and dilates the veins that lead from your eyes to your nose, deepening the appearance of under-eye circles.

Step 4

Apply an under-eye cream that includes vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin E and retinol. Products including these ingredients have been used to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

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