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How to Hydrate Really Dry Skin

How to Hydrate Really Dry Skin How to Hydrate Really Dry Skin


Dry skin may be caused by changes in the weather. Other causes of dry skin can include certain medical conditions, frequent hot baths or showers, exposure to the sun, and exposure to harsh chemicals. Symptoms of dry skin can include a dehydrated appearance, cracking, scaling, peeling and a rough texture. Generally, most cases of dry skin can be treated at home by taking steps to hydrate and trap moisture in the skin.

Step 1

Drink water to hydrate your skin from the inside out. Water makes up approximately 60 percent of your body's chemical composition and water is an important component of most of the body's necessary chemical reactions. The body's water supply is constantly being depleted as you breathe, sweat, and release toxins through urination and defecation. According to the, there's no exact way to determine exactly how much water you need to drink each day, but drinking two liters should adequately replace the water you lose through the normal course of your day.

Step 2

Apply body oil after bathing but before drying off. Body oils, unlike most moisturizers, can be applied directly to damp or wet skin. Body oils are thicker than moisturizers, and can sometimes do a better job of sealing moisture into the skin. You can add the oil to your bath water if you take baths; otherwise, apply it to your skin immediately after finishing your shower.

Step 3

Use a moisturizer. Moisturizing lotions seal the surface of your skin and limit the amount of moisture that can escape. For best results, apply moisturizers immediately after you dry off from your bath or shower and as necessary throughout the day.

Step 4

Use a humidifier to add moisture back into the air. There are a wide variety of humidifiers available. Some are portable and can be moved from room to room with you while others attach to your furnace. Choose a type that suits your budget and needs; make sure that you perform regular maintenance to avoid the growth of fungus or bacteria.

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