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How to Have Clear Skin Fast

How to Have Clear Skin Fast How to Have Clear Skin Fast How to Have Clear Skin Fast


Most people develop acne once puberty hits and the sebaceous glands--glands that produce the oil sebum--first become active. The combination of dead skin cells, sebum and bacteria clogs skin pores and forms lesions and pimples. To keep skin clear, you just need a consistent cleansing regiment to keep dirt and bacteria from clogging pores. A daily routine will treat existing breakouts and prevent acne from forming.

Step 1

Take a shower first thing in the morning. A study published in a 2008 edition of "Japan Society of Physiological Anthropology" indicates that subjects who took a shower secreted less sebum for several hours compared with subjects who did not shower. Sebum is one of the main causes of breakouts, according to the Doctor Good Skin website.

Step 2

Use a skin wash that contains salicylic acid. Neutrogena and Noxzema are just two companies that manufacture body washes with salicylic acid that you can use on your face, chest and back--areas where acne most commonly appears.

Step 3

Spot-treat pimples with a product containing benzoyl peroxide. This ingredient fights the bacteria that cause acne. It will help eliminate active breakouts, but more importantly, reports the Acne website, it can prevent acne from developing.

Step 4

Use an astringent to loosen clogged pores before bed and after you wash your face at night. If you only have mild acne, you do not need to use an astringent daily because it could dry your skin too much.

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