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How to Get Rid of Spot Marks on Your Face

How to Get Rid of Spot Marks on Your Face How to Get Rid of Spot Marks on Your Face


Spot marks on the face can be caused by many things. From chickenpox scars to the marks left behind by acne blemishes, spot marks can leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance. That said, there are ways to get rid of spot marks on your face. You just have to be mindful of how you take care of your skin and possibly be willing to see a dermatologist to get the help you need.

Step 1

Apply sunblock to your skin daily. Use a brand that's oil-free, so as to not clog pores, and that is rated SPF 15. Spot marks can darken with sun exposure, so protecting your skin will speed up their healing.

Step 2

Tone your skin with an alcohol-free toner. After putting some toner on a cotton pad, rub it all over your skin. This will remove dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin's surface. Over time, this will fade spot marks.

Step 3

Dab a bleaching cream onto your spot marks. Hydroquinone is a popular choice. Using 2 percent strength hydroquinone which you can obtain over the counter, and that's all you really need to fade away spot marks. Regular use will reduce the pigment in the marks and allow them to better match the rest of your skin.

Step 4

Undergo a chemical peel in your dermatologist's office. After your skin is cleaned, an acid will be applied to your skin. After a few minutes, the dermatologist will wipe off the peel with a neutralizing solution, meant to stop the peeling action and restoring your skin's natural pH. Your skin will peel and look red for a week or so following treatment. Repeat the chemical peel treatment until the spot marks disappear.

Step 5

Request to undergo microdermabrasion. During this procedure, your dermatologist will apply a cream to your skin that has crystals in it. Then a sanding wand will be run over your face to buff off dead skin cells. With repeated treatments, your spot marks should fade faster than if left to heal on their own.

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