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How to Get Rid of Pimples Permanently With Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Pimples Permanently With Home Remedies How to Get Rid of Pimples Permanently With Home Remedies


Pimples---or acne, as they are commonly known---are the inflammation and infection of the skin caused by trapped bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells in the follicles. For most people with pimples, using preventative measures can not only keep pimples from forming, they can help get rid of them permanently. Pimples can cause individuals to avoid social interaction because they feel too embarrassed to face visual scrutiny. Fortunately, with a few lifestyle changes, these individuals can once again enjoy the events they previously avoided.

Step 1

Clean the affected areas twice daily with antibacterial soap or acne cleanser. Always use a fresh, clean cloth to gently wash your face, chest, neck and back and use a different clean towel to pat dry. According to, scrubbing too vigorously or using regular harsh cleansers can make pimples worse by irritating the skin and spreading bacteria. Never touch the affected areas, because your hands are one of the primary means of transmitting bacteria that cause pimples.

Step 2

Apply a gel that contains at least 5 percent tea tree oil twice daily after cleansing. This product is available at your local health food store. A 1990 study by Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Camperdown, New South Wales, found that tea tree oil was as effective as benzoyl peroxide in treating pimples. In addition, the teat tree oil was found to cause fewer side effects than the benzoyl peroxide.

Step 3

Get some sun exposure every day. According to the University of Maryland, small doses of sun may help get rid of pimples. Allow the sun's rays to cover the affected areas for five to 10 minutes, then cleanse the areas immediately, because sweat can cause new pimples to appear. If you are using an over-the-counter or prescription medication, check the label. Individuals taking certain medications should avoid sun exposure.

Step 4

Wash your hair frequently. Keeping your hair clean keeps bacteria from being transmitted around the face, neck, chest and back. Hair also clings to bits of dirt and dry skin and sweat can help these irritants migrate downward, causing pimples. If you have long hair, keep it away from your face. Wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that does not contain oil. Generally, these products will have a label that states it is hypoallergenic or noncomedogenic.

Step 5

Avoid squeezing pimples. While this may temporarily get rid of a blackhead or whitehead, it will also open the affected follicle up, allowing dirt, oil and bacteria to travel to other areas. Squeezing a pimple can also cause irritation and infection, making the skin look even worse than it did with the pimple.

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