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How to Get Rid of Pimples on Your Body

How to Get Rid of Pimples on Your Body How to Get Rid of Pimples on Your Body


Body acne can be difficult to eliminate once it develops. One of the main reasons for this is clothing, which can be abrasive to sensitive skin and increase the amount of oil produced by the skin. It also traps that oil against the skin, furthering the presence of pimples. If you have body pimples and struggle to get rid of them, remember that popping isn't always the answer, and is rarely the only one. Good hygiene is important, Body acne is more resilient than zits on your face. You are not just combating the oil and clogged pores, you're also dealing with clothing that makes the acne worse, making your work much harder.

Step 1

Reduce the stress in your life. Stress is a common reason for the development of acne, and even proper skin treatment won't get rid of body pimples caused by high stress levels. Get enough sleep each night and practice solid time management skills to lower your stress and hopefully reduce your acne.

Step 2

Shower frequently. If you are sweaty or oily, your skin needs to be washed more frequently. This means showering once a day at minimum, if not twice a day. You can also help sensitive skin by using water-based or natural soaps. Use soaps with light fragrances or those that are fragrance free.

Step 3

Drink at least 8 glasses (64 oz.) of water each day. This is important in keeping your body and skin hydrated as well as flushing your body of toxins and other unhealthy substances that can contribute to oily skin and acne.

Step 4

Avoid foods high in fat and grease, such as fast foods and beef, and replace them with fruits and vegetables, which are high in water content and important vitamins and minerals.

Step 5

Consider using natural supplements like tea tree oil, zinc supplements and glycolic acid. Tea tree oil is known to reduce acne when used as a topical treatment. Purchase lotions with 5 percent tea tree oil or less. Zinc supplements are effective as oral supplements or topical treatments, while glycolic acid is a useful topical treatment that helps rid your skin of dead cells and clogged pores.

Step 6

Use rubbing alcohol or a skin cream with benzoyl peroxide as an active ingredient. These medications are effective in cleaning skin and eliminating the presence of acne, no matter where it is on your body.

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