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How to Get Rid of Pimples for Teens

How to Get Rid of Pimples for Teens


Imagine a life where you didn't have to worry about pimples. Acne is a common problem that plagues most adolescents. Although some are blessed with perfect complexion, most people have to put some effort into managing acne. Fortunately, there are certain techniques that can help you prevent or get rid of pimples. For extreme cases of acne, seek the help of a professional dermatologist.

Step 1

Drink eight glasses of water per day. Drinking water helps flush the body, "which helps to keep the kidneys and bowels clear, allowing them to function properly and perform the role of expelling this waste," according to the Acne Skin Care Guide website. Consuming water also keeps the skin hydrated so the pores do not produce excess oil.

Step 2

Avoid touching your face. "Acne is caused by a combination of bacteria on the skin and clogged pores," according to Seventeen Magazine. Touching your face will add more dirt and oil to the skin, causing more acne.

Step 3

Wash your face twice daily in the morning and before bed with a mild anti-bacterial soap. Excessive washing will cause irritation and drying, which signals the skin to produce more acne-causing oil. Seventeen magazine mentions that "over-cleansing can irritate your skin and make your acne worse."

Step 4

Apply a topical anti-acne cream twice daily after washing. The most common over-the-counter topical is benzoyl peroxide. It works by attacking acne-causing bacteria. Seventeen Magazine warns that benzoyl peroxide "causes an exfoliating effect that might cause some slight peeling." Use a moisturizer to prevent peeling and dryness.

Step 5

Use a non-comedogenic moisturizer with SPF protection. Keeping the skin rich with moisture will alert the body that excess oil need not be produced.

Step 6

Avoid popping your pimples. According to Eva Chen, Teen Vogue's beauty director, popping pimples can lead to scarring. For extraction of pimples, especially ones that lie under the surface of the skin, seek the assistance of a dermatologist.

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