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How to Get Rid of Old Acne

How to Get Rid of Old Acne


There are a variety of different kinds of acne including whiteheads and acne vulgaris. Most acne is short-lived. Between forming beneath the skin and fading, a pimple can last for several days to a week. Blackheads and nodules, on the other hand, can take a long time to clear. Daniel Kern of reports that picking at nodules, blackheads and other lesions can worsen the appearance of your skin and cause scarring.

Step 1

Cleanse your skin every morning with a mild soap. Avoid using cleansers with perfumes and other additives since they can irritate skin and cause drying or rashes.

Step 2

Apply 2.5 percent benzoyl peroxide to the areas you typically breakout. Benzoyl peroxide will kill the bacteria that cause pimples to form. It can also prevent acne from forming. Benzoyl peroxide also comes in formulations of 5 and 10 percent. Only use higher doses of the medication if you do not see an improvement with the lowest dose available.

Step 3

Dab a topical alpha hydroxy acid lotion directly to every pimple, including spots where you can see new lesions developing. Lactic acid and glycolic acid are sold over the counter and help to remove dead skin cells, reduce inflammation, stimulate the growth of new skin and reduce the appearance of acne scars.

Step 4

Wash your skin with a cleanser containing salicylic acid during the day. Salicylic acid slows the shedding of cells inside the hair follicle. It helps prevent pores from clogging. The Mayo Clinic explains that salicylic acid can also help break down blackheads.

Step 5

Exfoliate your skin two or three times a week. You can use a skin scrub sold in stores, or formulate your own using three parts baking soda to one part water. Apply a thin layer of exfoliator to your face in a circular motion. Wash the solution off with cool water.

Step 6

Apply benzoyl peroxide to your skin again at night before you go to bed.

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