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How to Get Rid of Huge Zits

How to Get Rid of Huge Zits How to Get Rid of Huge Zits


It doesn't matter whether you call them pimples or zits--these blemishes are acne and can come in a variety of forms, from a simple clogged pore like a whitehead or a huge zit like an inflamed cyst. Should you find yourself with huge zits, there are a number of things you can do to treat them, from topical treatments to more invasive ones. Whether or not your zits are inflamed will play a major role in how you approach treatment.

Step 1

Cleanse your face twice a day, every day to remove dirt, oil, bacteria and makeup. Use a mild cleanser that contains no harsh chemicals or ingredients. Just a simple face wash will do to keep your skin clean and prevent new blemishes from forming.

Step 2

Buy an over-the-counter cream to treat your zits. Look for a brand that contains benzoyl peroxide, as this will soak up oil and kill the bacteria that causes acne. When used once a day on a regular basis, this should prevent the formation of new blemishes and help to dry out your current zits.

Step 3

Visit your dermatologist's office and request a prescription for a stronger cream. In many cases, this will just be a stronger version of benzoyl peroxide, though you may be given salicylic acid, which helps dead skin cells slough off your face faster, thereby decreasing the chances of your pores getting clogged by them.

Step 4

Request that your zits be removed. If your pimples are not inflamed, they can be extracted. A procedure called a comedone extraction involves the use of a small device to pop your zit in a sterile environment. This effectively removes the material from your pore and allows it to heal without putting your skin at risk for scarring.

Step 5

Request that your zits be surgically removed. If your pimples are inflamed, they are likely filled with pus or hard material. This material needs to be drained from the zit, first. During this procedure, your dermatologist will use sterile tools to drain liquid and material from your zit. Then, the hard material inside will be removed. In some cases, corticosteroids are injected into huge zits to reduce inflammation before extraction is attempted.

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