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How to Get Rid of Dry Bumps on Skin


If you have very dry skin, you may notice tiny little bumps on the backs of your arms, thighs, buttocks or face. The bumps can look like acne; the coloring may range from flesh-colored to red. This condition is called keratosis pilaris, and is the accumulation of dead skin cells. Medications and cosmetic procedures can be used to get rid of the dry skin bumps; keeping your skin moisturized may help prevent the bumps from appearing.

Step 1

Make an appointment with your primary care physician or a dermatologist to diagnose your skin bumps. Bumps that are most often associated with dry skin are called keratosis pilaris, but other skin rashes, allergic reactions and irritations can cause raised lesions on the skin as well. Ruling out conditions such as hives, ringworm and rosacea is necessary before attempting to treat your dry skin.

Step 2

Take short showers in lukewarm water. Very hot temperatures can deprive your skin of natural oils that moisturize and keep your skin smooth, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). Soaps with strong scents may do the same. Keep your bathing time to 10 minutes at the most to avoid excessive drying that could aggravate your skin condition.

Step 3

Ask your doctor about using topical medications to get rid of the bumps that signify dry skin. Moisturizers and antihistamine creams may soothe itching, but do not usually eliminate the bumps, according to the AAD. Medications called retinoids can help diminish the size of the bumps when applied to the skin.

Step 4

Open up clogged pores and hair follicles to treat dry skin bumps with a chemical peel. This treatment, which can be performed by a dermatologist, removes the extra skin cells that are forming the bumps. Multiple or recurring treatments may be needed to get rid of keratosis pilaris bumps, as the procedure most often provides only a temporary solution.

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