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How to Get Rid of Deep Black Heads

How to Get Rid of Deep Black Heads How to Get Rid of Deep Black Heads


Doctors call black heads "comedones," a type of acne that appears on your skin when your hair follicles become blocked with bacteria and oil. Black heads appear a dark color because sebum, or oil is backed up in your hair follicle and it turns dark when exposed to the air, or oxidizes. Black heads typically appear on your face in areas like your chin, cheeks, nose and forehead. You can get rid of the deep black heads that are clogged with a large amount of dirt, oil and sebum by cleaning your skin properly, using an extractor and using the right medication.

Step 1

Remove the oil and sebum from your deep black heads with an extractor. An extractor is a tool that looks a lot like a pair of scissors, except it has loops on either end. Place each loop around your black head and gently and slowly, press the two sides together until the sebum and oil release from your skin. When you remove the bacteria from inside your deep black head, your black head can heal at a faster rate. Disinfect the tool before use by either boiling it or rubbing with a disinfectant solution. Immediately wash your face after wards with a mild soap solution to get off all the oil you just released from your skin.

Step 2

Place your face above steam to get rid of deep black heads. The hot temperature from steam can help open up your skin follicles, helping to release the dirt and sebum trapped in your deep black heads. Once you remove that sebum, your deep black heads can heal faster. Boil water and pour into a bowl. Place your face close enough to the steam that your feel the heat but not so close that you scald your skin. Place a towel over your head so that you trap the steam under your skin. Stay there for about ten minutes. Cleanse your face immediately afterward to get all the bacteria and sebum off your face.

Step 3

Rub aloe vera gel on your deep black heads to get rid of them. Health Mad says aloe vera increases the rate at which your skin cells produce, which helps heal and get rid of your deep black heads faster. Aloe vera is the best option for people who have sensitive skin because aloe vera contains all natural ingredients. Make sure you purchase an aloe vera gel that contains a high concentrate of aloe vera as many say they are aloe vera gel but actually contain very little of it. Rub the gel on your deep black heads and let evaporate into your skin.

Step 4

See your dermatologist for a stronger medication. If none of the above steps work, make an appointment with your doctor for a prescription medication. says medications that contain retinoids, a vitamin A derivative, can help get rid of the deep black heads. Retinoids help increase the rate at which your skin cells heal themselves and heal your black heads.

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