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How to Get Rid of Dark Spots Under Your Lips

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots Under Your Lips How to Get Rid of Dark Spots Under Your Lips


The dark spots under your lips are most likely age spots. These dark spots form when you are out in the sun for long periods of time over a number of months or years. Most people who get dark spots under their lips are over the age of 40; however, younger people can also get age spots. You get age spots when your skin produces more melanin than normal. The more you stay out in the sun, the more melanin you produce and the more dark spots that will form on your face. There are a number of natural and over-the-counter methods for reducing and eliminating dark spots under your lips.

Step 1

Soak a cotton ball in lemon juice and rub it on your dark spots. Allow the juice to dry. Lemon is filled with a natural ingredient that bleaches your skin. Over time, it can fade the dark spots under your lips. You can use either fresh-squeezed or bottled juice.

Step 2

Soak a cotton ball in buttermilk and rub on your dark spots. Buttermilk also has a natural ingredient that can bleach your skin. Over time, it can also fade the dark spots on your lips, however, neither lemon juice or buttermilk can completely remove the dark spots. Rub the cotton ball soaked in buttermilk into your skin and let it dry.

Step 3

Stay out of the sun. The Mayo Clinic says one of the main reasons you form dark spots under your lips is because of exposure to the sun, so one of the ways you can see an immediate improvement in your dark spots is to stay out of the sun. Wear an SPF of at least 30 on your face every day.

Step 4

Exfoliate your dark spots with a loofah and mild face soap. Dead skin makes your age spots look even darker, so by removing that dead skin with a loofah you can fade them. Buy a loofah that has hard fibers that are rough enough to clean off the dead skin. Repeat several times a week.

Step 5

Rub a fade cream over your dark spots to lighten them. Look for topical preparations that contain retinoids or bleaching agents like hydroquinone. Your doctor can prescribe a stronger medication if over-the-counter preparations do not work for you.

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