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How to Get Rid of Brown Spots

How to Get Rid of Brown Spots How to Get Rid of Brown Spots


Brown spots on the skin are caused my many different things. However, the most common cause is sun exposure. When your skin is damaged by the sun, too many pigment cells are formed and result in brown spots on the skin. As distressing as this can be, there are many ways to get rid of brown spots and to restore your skin to its former even-toned and clear luster.

Step 1

Wear sunscreen to prevent your brown spots from darkening and from developing new spots due to sun exposure. Use a brand that has at least SPF 15 and apply it after washing your face each morning.

Step 2

Use medicated creams on your brown spots to encourage them to fade away and to blend in with the rest of your skin. Creams containing hydroquinone, a bleaching agent, are available over-the-counter, while retinoid-based creams are available by prescription. Both require diligent use to see results.

Step 3

Go through with a chemical peel on your brown spots. Consisting of a mild acid that's derived from fruit, a chemical peel encourages the top layer of skin to come off faster. When repeated over several weeks, chemical peels help brown spots fade away faster than they would normally.

Step 4

Schedule an appointment to have your brown spots frozen off. The procedure is called cryotherapy and involves the application of liquid nitrogen directly onto your brown spots. This may burn and sting, as it's literally killing the pigment cells in the area. Once the skin scabs over and heals, the brown spots should be removed.

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