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How to Get Rid of Blackheads & Spots


Blackheads happen to just about everyone at some point in their lives. Blackheads happen when the pores in your skin build up and fill with dead skin and oil. Blackheads and spots happen when your skin follicles become larger than normal and back up with oil. The dead skin cells and oil have a chemical reaction, which causes the dark tint of your blackheads. The places that blackheads and spots most commonly form are on your chin, cheeks, nose and forehead. You can get rid of the blackheads and spots on your skin with treatments that you can do at home, medications that can be prescribed by a dermatologist or procedures that can be done by an aesthetician.

Step 1

Steam your blackheads and spots. The heated steam can help push out the dirt and oil built up in your blackheads, which will remove the blackheads and spots from your skin. Boil hot water in a big pot and pour it into a big bowl. You want to put your face over the hot water close enough to feel the heat but far enough away so that you don't scald your skin. You can also run a hot shower, close the door and take in the steam from the enclosed room.

Step 2

Use aloe vera. Aloe vera is made up of an enzyme that can help kill the dirt and bacteria in your blackheads and spots. Aloe vera will reduce the inflammation on your blackheads and spots, which will help remove them from your skin. Go to your local pharmacy and buy an aloe vera gel, or you can squeeze the juice from a plant. If you own a plant, break a leaf off and squeeze the juice into your palm. If you buy a gel, make sure it contains a high content of aloe vera. There are many lotions and gels on the market that claim to be aloe vera, but actually contain very little of the enzyme.

Step 3

Go to a dermatologist. A dermatologist can recommend medication that will get rid of the blackheads and spots on your skin. The vitamin A derivative retinoid can help get rid of your blackheads by attacking the bacteria inside. The most common forms of retanoid creams are Differin, Retin-A and Tazora.

Step 4

Go to an aesthetician. A professionally trained aesthetician can remove your blackheads and spots on your skin in a safe way. Your aesthetician will use a tool called an extractor, which will take out the oil and dirt built up in your blackheads and spots. The tool is thin and long, with loops on either end. Make sure your aesthetician is licensed, otherwise they can scar your skin for the rest of your life.

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