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How to Get Rid of Acne Cysts

How to Get Rid of Acne Cysts


Acne can be characterized by the appearance of papules, pustules, nodules and cysts on the skin. Acne cysts are one of the larger types of acne breakout, and can be difficult to get rid of. If left untreated, acne cysts often cause scarring, which can result in permanent skin damage. In order to avoid damaging the skin and living with painful acne cysts, a routine can be followed that will cleanse the skin gently, medicate the skin deeply, and hydrate the skin lightly.

Step 1

Apply a natural soap, free of fragrances that could irritate skin that is already inflamed with acne cysts. When you wash your face, make sure that you do not scrub or rub the lather in, as this could exacerbate irritation and inflammation. Rinse off the lather with water, and repeat two times every day.

Step 2

Apply a mid-strength, 5 percent benzoyl peroxide cream. All benzoyl peroxide creams can cause side effects on the skin, including redness or burning, but they also dry up and eliminate acne very quickly. Although the milder concentrations of benzoyl peroxide will clear up mild or moderate acne, acne cysts require a stronger concentration. Spread a pea-size amount of a 5 percent benzoyl peroxide cream onto your skin, focusing on the areas that contain acne cysts.

Step 3

Apply a small amount of jojoba oil, which will keep the skin hydrated without clogging the pores. Using a benzoyl peroxide cream without moisturizing the skin afterward can cause the skin to become overly dry. This dryness can cause the skin to overproduce oils in order to compensate. Jojoba oil is easily absorbed into the skin, and will not clog the pores.

Step 4

Drop three drops of jojoba oil onto your palm, and rub your palms together to distribute the oil evenly onto the hands. Pat the oil onto your face with your hands, being careful to avoid rubbing the skin. Use jojoba oil on your skin twice per day after using a benzoyl peroxide cream.

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