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How to Get Rid of a Large Pimple

How to Get Rid of a Large Pimple How to Get Rid of a Large Pimple


Although you may feel tempted to remove a large pimple by squeezing it until it pops, this can actually worsen your breakout. You can spread bacteria to other parts of the skin as well as increase your chance of acne scarring, especially if the pimple has not fully developed. If the large pimple does not go away with home treatment, you can speak to a dermatologist about more aggressive treatment options.

Step 1

Wash the affected area with a gentle oil-free cleanser. You don't want to irritate the skin while trying to get rid of a large pimple. Keep from drying out the skin by washing your face only a couple times per day. Dove and Neutogena both produce a gentle and non-drying cleanser.

Step 2

Reduce swelling with cold compresses. Drench a washcloth in very cold water and apply to the large pimple for five- to 10-minute intervals throughout the day to reduce swelling and irritation.

Step 3

Choose an over-the-counter topical ointment to get rid of the large pimple. Choose either a benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid based acne removal treatment product. Your selections include medicated pads and cleansers. Spot treatment ointments may be preferred since this can target the large pimple. As long as you don't have sensitive skin, you can purchase the maximum-strength formulation. For example, the Severe Acne Treatment System contains a 2.5 percent concentration of benzoyl peroxide. Apply the topical solutions daily after you have cleansed your face.

Step 4

Wear sunscreen while outside. While treating the large pimple, protect your skin by applying sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher. Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid can cause sun sensitivity.

Step 5

Cover the pimple during treatment with water-based makeup. Conceal the pimple with a water-based concealer to avoid the acne from worsening. Any other makeup products should be water based and not contain any oil.

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