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How to Get Clear Skin Without Products

How to Get Clear Skin Without Products How to Get Clear Skin Without Products


MedlinePlus, a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, explains that acne is caused by excess oil, skin particles and bacteria clogging your pores, causing pimples and uneven skin tone. MedlinePlus states, "Try not to squeeze, scratch, pick, or rub the pimples. Although it might be tempting to do this, it can lead to skin infections and scarring." Acne can occur up to age 40, but it is most common among teenagers. If you suffer from acne it is beneficial to become familiar with natural remedies that can prevent and heal breakouts.

Step 1

Rinse your face with warm water. This will help rid your face of excess oil and bacteria, while avoiding cleansing products that contain oils and chemicals that may irritate your skin and actually prolong acne.

Step 2

Make a paste of vinegar and salt and use it as spot treatment on pimples. A 2 Z of Health, Beauty and Fitness suggests to leave the paste on for 20 to 30 minutes.

Step 3

Mix a paste of honey and whole milk until semi-thick. "Both honey and milk possess antimicrobial and cleansing properties. These properties are enhanced when the two are taken together," says Organic Facts. Milk and honey act as natural moisturizers without excess oil and will sooth your skin after the vinegar treatment.

Step 4

Rub the milk and honey paste onto your skin and let dry. Wear this mask to bed for optimal results. When milk and honey are combined and applied together they are more effective in fighting bacteria than they are individually.

Step 5

Wash the mask off in the morning with lukewarm water. You skin will have an extra glow from this mask. This simple milk and honey mask that you can make at home is used in spas around the world.

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