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How to Get Blackheads Off the Nose

How to Get Blackheads Off the Nose


If you have a blackhead on your nose, don't worry---acne and blackheads happen to just about everyone. Blackheads appear on your nose when your skin produces too much oil and your pores open up more than they normally do, letting oil, dirt and bacteria into your skin follicles. The oil and dirt in your skin then have a chemical reaction, forming a blackhead on your nose. You can, however, get rid of blackheads by using various cleaning methods and products.

Step 1

Expose your nose to hot steam. The heat from the steam helps enlarge your pores, which will help release all the bacteria and dirt built up inside. By eliminating the dirt and bacteria in your skin, you can get the blackheads off your nose. Boil a pot of water and pour the steaming water into a round bowl. Place your face over the bowl close enough so that you feel the heat from the water but far enough away that you don't burn your skin. Put a towel over your head so that you trap the steam inside the towel. Leave your face over the steam for at least five minutes. Wash your face with a mild facial soap immediately afterward to remove the oil that has just resurfaced from your skin.

Step 2

Use aloe vera on your nose to get rid of blackheads. Aloe vera is full of an enzyme that can kill the bacteria in your blackheads. Aloe vera is a cooling and calming agent that can also relieve the irritation in your blackhead. Buy aloe vera, or break a leaf off an aloe vera plant and squeeze the juice from the leaf. Both can be effective; however, if you buy a gel you'll want to make sure it contains a high amount of aloe vera. Many gels say they are aloe vera but contain very little of the enzyme. Rub the gel or liquid into the blackheads on your nose. Let it evaporate into your skin.

Step 3

Extract the blackheads on your nose with an extractor. An extractor is a tool that looks like a scissors with loops on each end. Place pressure on your blackhead using the tool, which will force the pus and bacteria out. You must be careful using the extractor, however, as you can permanently scar your skin if you do not use the tool correctly.

Step 4

Visit your dermatologist to get blackheads off your nose. If none of the aforementioned methods work, visit your doctor for medication. Your dermatologist can prescribe a stronger medication that will work to kill the bacteria built up inside your blackhead. The most common agent your doctor will prescribe for blackheads is retinoids. Retinoids are in medications such as Tazora, Differin and Retin-A.

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