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How to Fix Large Pores on the Legs

How to Fix Large Pores on the Legs How to Fix Large Pores on the Legs


Large pores can appear on the skin anywhere on the body. If you are a woman, large pores on the legs may be more noticeable if you shave the hair on your legs. Large pores are prone to developing blackheads and ingrown hairs. Shrinking the pores on the legs requires a multi-pronged approach using remedies that are both exfoliating and astringent in nature.

Step 1

Exfoliate the skin before attempting to shrink large pores on the legs. Mix together a tablespoon of honey, tablespoon of brown sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice. Use the sugar scrub to exfoliate the skin of the legs. Scrub the skin vigorously with the sugar scrub and rinse off.

Step 2

Shrink the pores using a cucumber astringent. Mix together a mashed cucumber, one cup of rosewater and one tablespoon of tincture of benzoin. Leave the mixture in the refrigerator to cool and apply the mixture with a cotton ball to the legs.

Step 3

Speak to a dermatologist about microdermabrasion. Through microdermabrasion the top layers of skin are sloughed off leaving behind softer skin and smaller pores.

Step 4

Cover the pores with makeup. Apply a foundation specifically made for the body to the legs and cover with a dusting of pressed powder. A cream foundation is more likely to cover large pores than a liquid foundation.

Step 5

Apply self-tanner. Tanned legs can give off the illusion of smoothness, and using a self-tanner eliminates the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays that come with baking in the sun.

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