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How to Fix Dry Skin on the Face

How to Fix Dry Skin on the Face


Facial dry skin is not only a cosmetic concern, but can also cause itching and discomfort. This can lead to scarring and lesions on your face due to excessive scratching, according to the "Doctors Book of Home Remedies." With seasonal weather changes and dry indoor air, your skin can experience trauma that worsens your condition. Daily facial skin care is essential to healing dry skin and keeping your face soothed and healthy.

Step 1

Apply milk with a cotton ball to your face to soothe itching and discomfort. Leave the milk on your skin for up to five minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. According to the "Doctors Book of Home Remedies," the lactic acid in milk is beneficial to your skin.

Step 2

Apply a moisturizer to your face twice daily. Thicker moisturizers are best for dry facial skin, according to the "Doctors Book of Home Remedies." Avoid moisturizers that contain fragrance or are too watery, as they have no healing properties for dry skin.

Step 3

Exfoliate your skin with a gentle exfoliating cleanser and lukewarm water, twice daily. This will eliminate dead skin cells from the skin's surface and prevent excessive drying. Hot water dries the skin. According to, it is important not to scrub your skin too hard when exfoliating.

Step 4

Apply an alpha hydroxy acid-based cream to your face once daily. According to the "Doctors Book of Home Remedies," alpha hydroxy acids slough off dead skin cells while locking moisture into the skin.

Step 5

Set up a humidifier in your room and in your family room to keep indoor air moist. Dry air promotes and worsens skin conditions. Keeping the air humid and moist will help keep your skin's moisture level consistent.

Step 6

Drink eight to 10 glasses of water per day to keep your face moisturized from the inside out. Water keeps you properly hydrated, especially in warmer weather, when the risk of dehydration is greater.

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