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How to Fix Dry Hands

How to Fix Dry Hands How to Fix Dry Hands


We use our hands to perform activities all day long. This results in exposure to germs and bacteria. Actions such as touching public doorknobs, holding a gas pump, keying personal information on a keypad to make a debit purchase, and handling cash require using our hands Due to a heightened sense of awareness to germ exposure, frequent hand washing is the norm. Many of the soap products we use to cleanse our hands are full of alcohol. The result is dry, peeling and flaking hands. Following easy tips can provide relief from this common discomfort.

Step 1

Refrain from excessive hand washing. Washing your hands to keep them clean is reasonable but don't overdo it. Use milder hand soaps at home. Avoid washing your hands with harsh, commercial soap products found in public restrooms. Carry a gentle hand soap cleanser with you for washing your hands on-the-go instead. Be careful of overuse of anti-bacterial soaps. These can strip moisture from the skin, so use them sparingly.

Step 2

Moisturize your hands with hand lotion after every hand washing. This helps seal moisture in the skin, preventing them from drying out.

Step 3

Protect your hands with rubber gloves when carrying out household chores. Many cleaning products contain harmful ingredients that contribute to dry skin. "Many popular soaps and detergents strip lipids and water from your skin." Opt for gentler household cleaning products, preferably all-natural organic products containing gentle ingredients.

Step 4

Apply petroleum jelly to your hands and then cover them with cotton gloves. Leave the gloves on overnight to give your hands a good moisturizing treatment.

Step 5

Applying vitamin E oil to dry, cracked hands helps restore skin cells. Other herbal ingredients such as mentha piperita, chamomile and aloe provide soothing moisture to dry hands.

Step 6

Wear gloves when exposed to harsh winter weather. Harsh, cold elements are a cause of dry, flaky hands.

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