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How to Fade Red Acne

How to Fade Red Acne How to Fade Red Acne How to Fade Red Acne


Acne causes embarrassing red marks on the skin. Approximately 40 to 50 million people in the United States struggle with acne issues, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. This skin issue is very common during the teenage years because of hormonal changes in the body, however, you can struggle with acne at any age. Fortunately, there are many treatments to fade red acne.

Step 1

Select over-the-counter acne products. For mild acne redness, acne lotions, such as benzoyl perioxide, resorcinol or salicylic acid, may treat the blemishes. Sulfur is also very effective. Side effects of these medications may include skin dryness and irritation. However, this typically improves after the first month of treatment.

Step 2

Seek prescription topical treatments. If your skin does not respond to over-the-counter acne methods, see a dermatologist who may prescribe stronger topical treatments, such as Differin and Tazorac. These products are created from vitamin A which slows down cell turnover and fades redness associated with acne.

Step 3

Use oral antibiotics. If prescription topical treatments are not fading red acne, talk with your dermatologist about oral antibiotics. These medications minimize acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation. Oftentimes, a dermatologist will prescribe antibiotics in combination with topical treatments. Once acne is under control, she will taper you off the antibiotics to prevent antibiotic resistance.

Step 4

Ask your doctor about the oral medication Accutane. This prescription medication is reserved for deep cysts that aren't responding to other treatments methods. Accutane is highly effective, however, has serious side effects and causes birth defects in pregnant women. For this reason, women taking Accutane can't be pregnant and must use two forms of birth control while taking the medication.

Step 5

Use laser therapy. The dermatologist offers these treatments which target the deepest layers of the skin to damage oil glands. The skin will start producing less oil and existing acne will dry up. Laser therapy is typically reserved for those with red acne that does not improve with other treatment options.

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