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How to Fade Dark Spots on a Tattoo

How to Fade Dark Spots on a Tattoo


You may want to fade parts or color from your tattoo if you are planning to make an appointment to remove your tattoo with a laser or receive a cover-up tattoo from a tattoo artist. Professional tattoo artists, such as Guy Aitchison of Hyper Space Studios, recommend that clients receive laser treatment to fade tattoos before scheduling an appointment for a cover-up. You may not be happy with the work that the tattoo artist performed, regret the subject matter or placement or have a tattoo of a name from a former love interest. Regardless of the reasons behind the removal of your tattoo, fading the tattoo before going under a laser or receiving a cover-up tattoo can reduce the number of visits needed and save you money on the treatments.

Step 1

Grow your hair back over the skin where your tattoo is located. Prior to tattooing, your tattoo artist shaved the skin in the location for the tattoo. Hair over a tattoo can camouflage parts of your tattoo, especially if the hair is thick and in a location like your chest or legs.

Step 2

Apply a tattoo removal cream. The manufacturers of tattoo removal cream advertise that the creams or gels can fade or completely remove a tattoo. Consult with your doctor before using the cream. Tell your doctor or dermatologist all of the ingredients in the cream.

Step 3

Rub a low-level SPF sunscreen on the dark parts of your tattoo when you are out in the sun. Cover the light parts of your tattoo with a higher SPF. The sun fades the colors in tattoos over time, according to Bee Sting Tattoo. Wear some type of sunscreen on your tattoo because not wearing any sunblock on your tattoo could result in burning your skin or the risk of skin cancer.

Step 4

Consult a professional laser surgeon about lightening the dark spots on your tattoo. Laser surgery can also fade dark spots or the color of a tattoo, while not removing the artwork completely, according to Dr.TattOff

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