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How to Cure Chin Acne

How to Cure Chin Acne How to Cure Chin Acne How to Cure Chin Acne How to Cure Chin Acne How to Cure Chin Acne


Though acne can sprout up anywhere on your body, it can be unpleasant and even painful when it appears on your chin. Chin acne is inconvenient and can even hurt when you bump it or lean on it absentmindedly. That being said, there are ways to cure your chin acne. You just have to be willing to make a few lifestyle changes to accommodate your chin acne problem.

Step 1

Maintain a skin care regimen. Cleanse your skin with a mild face wash, tone with an alcohol-free toner, use an oil-free moisturizer twice a day and use an exfoliating scrub once a week. This will remove dead skin cells and keep your skin clean and fresh. An over-the-counter acne medication can be added to this routine as well. It should contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide and be used after toning but before moisturizing.

Step 2

See a dermatologist to get a prescription treatment. Topical antibiotics can kill bacteria on your face that may be causing your chin acne and topical retinoids like Retin-A can unclog your pores by encouraging dead skin to come off much faster.

Step 3

Ask your doctor for stronger medicine. If topical treatments aren't effective, oral antibiotics can kill very persistent bacteria that may be causing your chin acne. Isotretinoin or Accutane is possibly the strongest acne treatment available and works by killing acne bacteria and shrinking your sebaceous or oil glands to prevent new blemishes from forming. In many cases, these drugs can cure your chin acne for good and prevent it from ever coming back.

Step 4

Practice good hygiene. Keep your hands away from your face so as to not introduce new bacteria into your skin. This includes leaning on your hands or picking at your blemishes. Keep your hair clean and pulled back away from your face so you don't add oil to your face.

Step 5

Look for external causes of chin acne. For example, the chin can become irritated by the chin strap on a helmet, which can trap moisture and bacteria. In this case, wash your chin immediately after taking the strap off and wipe off the strap with alcohol or an antibacterial wipe. Consider inserting a tissue (or similar) between the strap and your chin to avoid further breakouts.

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