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How to Cure Acne Cysts

How to Cure Acne Cysts How to Cure Acne Cysts


Acne cysts are pus-filled nodules located underneath the skin's surface. The nodules may stay in place for several months at a time and are very painful. To be considered a cyst, the nodule should measure 5 mm or more in diameter. The cyst will commonly leave a scar. Cysts are more common in males and can occur on the face, back, buttocks and thighs.

Step 1

Visit a dermatologist. Cysts fall into the moderate to severe form of acne and require stronger products than over-the-counter medications.

Step 2

Discuss the extent of the acne and be prepared to show the doctor the different areas where it is present. The doctor will be able to choose a particular medication and dosage for your cysts.

Step 3

Use the medication as prescribed. Understand that the acne may get worse for some time while skin adjusts to the new medication. Treatment may take 6 to 8 weeks. Be aware of all side effects. Some drugs require little time be spent in direct sunlight; others recommend not drinking alcohol while taking medication.

Step 4

Seek additional medical help if skin is not responsive to treatment. Medications, both topical and oral, come in different strengths and varieties. Some medications, such as Accutane, are commonly prescribed as a last resort because of the severe side effect of depression. Patients commonly have to try more than one treatment method.

Step 5

Removing cysts can be performed by doctors in an inpatient setting. Cysts are drained and extracted using sterile procedures and tools. Patients should never attempt to drain a cyst, as the results can be severe scarring.

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