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How to Cure a Dry Throat

How to Cure a Dry Throat


A dry throat may be caused by a variety of reasons from medications, fever, dry air or inflammation. Mucous and saliva may not coat the mouth and throat well if there is an inflammation or illness. Along with a feeling of dryness, the throat may also become scratchy and dry cough can develop. Eyes and skin may also appear dry. A variety of home remedies are available to cure a dry throat---however, visit a doctor if a cough persists for more than one week.

Step 1

Drink plenty of water to rehydrate the body. Fluids such as water and clear juices are encouraged. Avoid drinks such as coffee and soda that contain caffeine which will dehydrate the body further.

Step 2

Fix yourself a cup of hot tea sweetened with one tablespoon of sugar. Boil water and add chamomile, peppermint or eucalyptus tea and allow to steep for 5 minutes. Remove tea bags to avoid making tea too bitter.

Step 3

Concentrate on breathing with a closed mouth. Avoid excessive talking and allow your voice to rest.

Step 4

Place one clove of honey in the back of mouth. Slightly suck on garlic clove throughout the day. If the flavor of garlic is not appetizing, chop of garlic and add a small amount honey and lemon juice for flavoring---take 1 teaspoon of the mixture daily. Garlic has strong antibacterial agents that can fight a throat infection.

Step 5

Add a humidifier to the room. The machine will add moisture to the air. Add a few drops of essential oils for additional pleasant scents.

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