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How to Cover up Acne Sores

How to Cover up Acne Sores How to Cover up Acne Sores How to Cover up Acne Sores


Acne sores can be unsightly and embarrassing. If you try to conceal acne the wrong way, you can exacerbate the problem and risk more outbreaks.

The trick to covering up acne sores is to take good care of your skin and use the proper products. A solid skin care routine helps hide your problem as your treat it so you eventually end up with clearer skin.

Step 1

Wash your face with a facial cleanser suited to your skin type. By keeping your face clean, you will help prevent new blemishes from occurring. You need a clean face before you can effectively conceal acne sores.

Step 2

Wipe oily, acne-prone areas with a cotton ball soaked in astringent. The astringent will remove additional oil and dirt and help to tighten up pores.

Step 3

Apply pimple medication to afflicted areas to help them heal faster. You can buy over-the-counter pimple creams or use medication prescribed by a doctor. Tinted pimple creams are also available if you do not wish to cover your acne with makeup.

Step 4

Spread a light layer of oil-free moisturizer over your acne. Oil-free products are labeled as non-comedogenic. According to "Good Housekeeping" magazine, a moisturizer will counter the drying effects of the astringent and pimple medication, making acne sores easier to conceal. Allow the moisturizer to set for at least one minute before proceeding to the next step.

Step 5

Dab a small amount of concealer over individual acne sores and surrounding red areas. Some concealers also contain blemish-fighting ingredients. Use a shade that matches or is slightly lighter than your skin tone. The website explains that shades with green undertones are best to neutralize redness. Apply the concealer with a clean finger or small makeup brush and use a damp makeup sponge to smooth it out.

Step 6

Cover your face with non-comedogenic foundation that matches your skin tone. Carefully blend the foundation over the concealer.

Step 7

Set your makeup with a light powder. The powder evens out the color and leaves a smooth finish.

Step 8

Remove all makeup before going to bed. Follow steps 1 through 4 to thoroughly cleanse and treat your skin every night.

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