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How to Cover Brown Spots on Face

How to Cover Brown Spots on Face How to Cover Brown Spots on Face


Brown spots coming from hyperpigmentation, sun damage, age and any number of skin conditions can make you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed about your own skin. While laser therapies can lighten spots, if you don't have the time or funds to see your dermatologist, makeup can be your ally in the fight against brown, spotty skin. The right technique can give you a flawless appearance that lasts all day long, without having to retouch or worry about your spots showing through.

Step 1

Apply a self-tanner on your face and the rest of your body to help darken the rest of your skin. By darkening your skin--while avoiding your brown spots--you can camouflage the dark spots that would otherwise stand out on paler skin.

To apply self-tanner to your face, exfoliate first, and then apply a good-quality moisturizer to cover the brown spots. Use a self-tanner in an aerosol spray can to apply an even amount across your face with a light hand, recommends "Cosmopolitan" magazine. The moisturizer creates a barrier so your brown spots don't become darker.

Step 2

Use a primer on your face once the self-tanning solution has dried and color has developed. A primer fills in the pores and creates a smooth surface on which your makeup can be applied. It also helps your makeup last longer, notes "Glamour" magazine. Apply the primer evenly across your face.

Step 3

Choose a concealer one shade lighter than your tanned skin tone. It will help neutralize the darkness of the brown spots on your skin. Discard the brush that comes with the concealer, and instead use your ring finger to dab the concealer over the spots.

Fingers are much more precise and natural than brushes, Max Factor movie makeup artist Ronnie Specter tells "Marie Claire" magazine. Dab to create a smooth surface and stop once the brown spot is about 75 percent covered.

Step 4

Brush on a powder mineral foundation. While you may usually use a liquid foundation, applying it over primer and concealer can look cakey and unnatural. Powder mineral makeup contains zinc, a natural sunscreen, which can stop your brown spots from becoming darker in the sun. It also negates the need for a pressed powder to finish, so your look is natural.

Swirl a short, fat brush in the foundation, tap off the excess and buff around the brown spots until they are hidden.

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