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How to Cover Acne

How to Cover Acne How to Cover Acne How to Cover Acne


Acne can be a source of embarrassment for those who suffer from it. You may try to cover your acne with makeup, only to have it rub off later in the day or have the makeup look cakey and obvious. Knowing how to properly cover acne can help you regain some of your confidence, as you can put your best face forward at work, in social situations or when you are out by yourself.

Step 1

Wash your face thoroughly to make sure that you have a clean surface to apply makeup to. If you have dry skin as well as acne, exfoliating can help remove some of the dead skin that is flaking off. Making sure that you start with a clean surface helps your makeup to go on smoother, so your acne is less visible.

Step 2

Apply a light, oil free moisturizer that contains an SPF 15 or higher sunblock. This will smooth out any rough spots for a smoother application. This is also the secret to keeping your makeup on longer; when it mixes with the moisturizer, it will keep a dewy look, instead of making your skin look dry and your makeup obvious.

Step 3

Use your finger to apply concealer to the acne spots. While some may recommend a brush, your finger mimics the look of your actual skin, so that the concealer looks more natural on your face. Dab at the acne spot with the concealer until it is completely covered.

Step 4

Pour a small, pea sized amount of foundation onto a triangular sponge. It's important to use a new sponge for each application, as bacteria can grow on it and be transferred to your face, causing even more acne. Buy a large bag of sponges, or wash your sponge after each application to keep it clean. Use it to distribute foundation all over your face with a dabbing motion. Don't wipe it on your face; this could wipe off your concealer.

Step 5

Finish with a dusting of translucent powder. This will set the look so that it stays all day and gives you a nice, natural finish. Choose a stiff brush first, and stipple around the areas of acne by quickly dabbing at the area to create a natural finish and press the concealer down into the acne for better coverage. Then use a large fluffy brush to cover the rest of your face flawlessly.

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