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How to Control Oily Skin With Natural Vitamins

How to Control Oily Skin With Natural Vitamins How to Control Oily Skin With Natural Vitamins How to Control Oily Skin With Natural Vitamins


Excess oil on a person's skin causes an array of problems. Sensitivity after washing and issues when applying makeup are two of the most common problems. The unusual appearance of someone's face due to excess shine is the source of insecurity. You don't need expensive and obscure cleansing products to remedy the situation. You can counter this problem in a cheap, natural and easy manner.

Step 1

Take a premium quality Vitamin A supplement every day. Vitamin A is the nutrient that is predominantly responsible for normalizing levels of oil in the skin. Most products contain the standard established daily value of Vitamin A, which is sufficient no matter what the state of your skin is.

Step 2

Select a product that is natural. Cod liver oil capsules are an excellent, truly natural, food-state source of Vitamin A. They also contain Vitamin D and the major Omega 3 fish oil compounds EPA and DHA. Practically all health stores and supermarkets stock cod liver oil capsules, usually at nominal prices.

Step 3

Eat a diet rich in liver. It is a very potent source of natural Vitamin A. The U.S. Agency for International Development states, "Because vitamin A is stored in the liver, direct measurement of the liver vitamin A concentration is considered to be the best indicator of vitamin A status." If you feel that you could tolerate doing so, eat raw liver; as cooking destroys a significant amount of the Vitamin A and other nutrients present.

Step 4

Cleanse your skin externally. Vitamin A is included as a key ingredient in many products. It is sometimes referred to by its chemical name of Retinol in creams, lotions and gels. The Vitamin A present will help reduce excess oil directly, when it is necessary to do so in particularly troublesome areas.

Step 5

Observe the changes to your complexion. It will probably take a few weeks of continued usage to achieve optimum results. Noticing dry and scaly patches on your skin, especially on more sensitive areas, is normal at first and will subside over time. The levels of excess oil will gradually reduce and a more balanced appearance will consequently be secured, as your system continues to make use of the Vitamin A it is being provided with.

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