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How to Compare Braun Shavers

How to Compare Braun Shavers How to Compare Braun Shavers How to Compare Braun Shavers


Braun, as of 2010, offers several different shaver models: the Series 1, Series 3, Series 5 and Series 7, as well as a MobileShave model. Each series offers different features to adapt to your specific needs for comfort, smoothness and sensitivity. You should base your choice of shaver on your skin type, particularly if you have special needs such as sensitive skin.

Step 1

Read the packaging to learn about the features on a particular Braun shaver. Some models, such as the Series 7, offer the Pulsonic technology, 10,000 microvibrations that allow the shaver to capture more hair, according to the manufacturer. The Series 7 Braun shavers also offer personalization modes, sensitive and intensive modes you may switch between to care for each facial zone differently. Another key feature offered with the Series 7 and Series 5 is "OptiFoil," a foil hole system designed to cut deeper and capture hair consistently.

Step 2

Look at the razor to determine whether it has the ActiveLift feature, an oscillating middle trimmer that lifts and cuts flat-lying hair.

Step 3

Press the head to determine whether it moves or is in a fixed state. Some Braun shavers offer a pivoting head to move around various facial areas.

Step 4

Look in the packaging for an attachment called the "Clean & Renew System." This system, available with most Braun razors, stores your razor after each shaving session. The system automatically cleans, charges and lubricates the shaver to keep it running properly.

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