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How to Clear Dry Skin on the Face

How to Clear Dry Skin on the Face


Skin is the largest organ in the body. It acts as a protective layer for your internal organs. Time is the number one enemy to skin, followed by the sun. The sun causes your skin to dry out and lose some of its elasticity. It is important to wear protective clothing and sunscreen when outside in direct sunlight. Moisturizing the skin should be a part of your daily routine to keep it healthy, and to protect it from wrinkling and sagging. When the skin loses too much moisture it begins to dry out. This can cause your skin to flake and develop sores.

Step 1

Drink plenty of water. This will help to add much needed moisture into the body.

Step 2

Create and wear an avocado mask. Puree half an avocado in a blender. Wash your face with a mild soap and rinse with lukewarm water. Apply the avocado to your face while it is still damp. Wear the avocado mask for 15 minutes. Rinse the avocado from your face with lukewarm water. Pat your face dry; scraping a towel across your dry skin can cause more irritation.

Step 3

Apply a vitamin E-rich moisturizer to the dry areas of your face.

Step 4

Change your bathing habits. Limit the length of showers and do not use hot water. Hot water can remove necessary oils from the skin. Use a mild soap when washing your face. Soaps that have perfumes or are made for oily skin can make your dry skin itch worse.

Step 5

Moisturize often. Although ointments provide more moisture, they are greasier. If this is something you find irritating, then limit the use of ointments to night time. Oil-based moisturizers retain the natural oils in the skin better than non-oil based.

Step 6

Increase the humidity within the home. A humidifier or vaporizer is perfect for this purpose. During the winter months the heating system will produce very dry air. This dry air can cause your skin to become dry and flake. Adding the extra moisture in the air can help to thwart this. If you are using a wood stove for heat, then place a pot of water on the stove to increase the humidity within your home.

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