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How to Clear Dark Spots on the Face

How to Clear Dark Spots on the Face How to Clear Dark Spots on the Face How to Clear Dark Spots on the Face


Dark spots on your face or age spots, technically called lentigines, appear on your skin after years of sun exposure. This direct exposure to ultraviolet light increases the production of melanin, the chemical that makes your skin a darker color. Dark spots usually appear on people over the age of 40, but just about everyone can get them. The key to clearing dark spots on your face entails prompt action and natural ingredients.

Step 1

Keep your skin away from direct sunlight and if you do have to be outside, protect your face with a hat and sunglasses. Wear a sunblock with an SPF rating of at least 15.

Step 2

Apply an over-the-counter skin cream containing hydroquinone, vitamin C or retinol. If those creams are not strong enough, recommends making an appointment with your dermatologist, who can prescribe a stronger medication, which may contains steroids and will produce new, healthier skin cells.

Step 3

Apply lemon juice to your dark spots, which contains a natural ingredient that over time can fade and clear dark spots. Buy a bottle of lemon juice or squeeze the juice from a whole lemon. Soak a cotton ball in the liquid and run onto the dark spots on your face. Let the liquid evaporate.

Step 4

Apply buttermilk to your dark spots, which like lemon juice contains an ingredient that can clear your dark spots. Pour a half cup of buttermilk into a bowl and soak a cotton ball into the liquid. Dab the cotton ball onto your age spots and let it evaporate.

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