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How to Clear Breast Acne

How to Clear Breast Acne


Acne can occur on the body in any place except your palms and the bottom of the feet. Acne on your chest or breast will likely develop on anyone who has acne on their face, according to The National Institutes of Health say that people during the ages of 11 and 30 are most likely to suffer from acne, but acne can happen at older ages. To treat acne on the breast, you should clean your skin gently, avoid touching or rubbing the chest area and protect the affected area from sunlight. Using an anti-acne product on the breasts that contains 10 percent alpha-hydroxy acid may also help clear up breast acne.

Speak with your doctor or dermatologist about moderate to severe acne. Sometimes drugs or corticosteroids injections may be needed.

Step 1

Wash your breasts with a mild or gentle cleanser designed for the face twice a day. Apply the cleanser gently with mild pressure so you do not unnecessarily irritate the skin and cause redness. A facial cleanser will get rid of oils on your skin that can cause acne.

Step 2

Pat your skin dry or allow your skin to air dry. The less we touch our skin the less we will irritate it, even when using a towel. Allow your skin to dry fully before applying an anti-acne cream.

Step 3

Apply a cream or gel that contains 10 percent alpha-hydroxy acid to exfoliate skin. Try a product with licochalcone to soothe skin, as recommended to Apply plenty of cream or gel to cover any affected areas and gently help it to be absorbed by moving your finger lightly across your skin. Use a product with benzoyl peroxide as well if your acne case is more severe or if alpha-hydroxy acid alone doesn't clear your skin, as recommended by

Step 4

Cover your chest with sunscreen if you are going outside with any skin exposed. Alpha-hydroxy acid makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight. The National Institutes of Health suggest avoiding sun tans and burns.

Step 5

Wear shirts made from breathable fabrics, especially when exercising or being in hot climates that will make you sweat. Change your clothes if they become sweaty. Try to exercise before you shower.

Step 6

Leave your skin alone. Picking at the acne on your breasts can result in scars or dark blotches, according to the National Institutes of Health. Squeezing and pinching may also lead to scars.

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