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How to Clear Body Acne

How to Clear Body Acne How to Clear Body Acne How to Clear Body Acne


Body acne can develop anywhere on the body with the exception of the soles of the hands and feet. Although body acne can affect anyone, if you are prone to breakouts on the face, you are at an increased risk of developing body acne. Genetics, irritating clothing, perspiration and hormones can also factor into whether you are prone to body acne. To prevent scarring, you should treat active acne on the body.

Step 1

Shower after sweating. After exercise or being exposed to hot weather, take a cool shower to remove perspiration. This can prevent the body acne from worsening due to the exposure of the natural oils found in sweat.

Step 2

Select an acne-fighting body wash. The treatment will contain an acne-fighting ingredient such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Some brand examples include Oxy Body Wash-Acne Fighting Formula and Bath & Body Works Acne Body Wash.

Step 3

Exfoliate the skin. Remove dead skin cells to allow the treatment solutions to better penetrate the skin. You can use an exfoliating sponge on all areas of the body to achieve this.

Step 4

Wet the skin and apply the acne-fighting body wash to a sponge. Lather up and rinse with lukewarm water. Use the body wash on a daily basis until the acne clears up. If your skin feels dry after use, you should use the body wash every other day.

Step 5

Wear lightweight fabrics. Cotton clothing should be worn while you are treating body acne to avoid irritating the skin.

Step 6

Speak to your doctor about alternative treatments. If you are unable to clear up the body acne on your own, more aggressive treatment may be needed. Some treatment options through a physician include the prescription drug Accutane and topical antibiotics.

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